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   Breeding Pairs  

A. percula (Picasso/Picasso)
This was my first breeding pair. They are ORA Picassos. Their first spawn was June 2008. I have been raising their babies every since!

A. percula (Snowcasso®/Snowcasso®)
This female Snowcasso® is born of a Snowcasso® & Wild Caught percula; the male Snowcasso® is born of my Picasso/Picasso pair.

Snowcasso & WC Perc
This pair produce a nice size nest every 2 weeks.

E. oceanops (Neon Goby)

Here is a video of 2 day old neon goby fry:

Bangaii Cardinals (Pterapogon kauderni)
Bangaii cardinal's breeding process is very different from clownfish. The male incubates the eggs in his mouth until they are hatched and ready to be released. The average incubation period is 20-25 days. During this time, the male does NOT eat! Here is a video of newly 'released' bangaii fry.

Lysmata boggessi (Peppermint Shrimp)
20 day old larvae!

Opistognathus rosenblatti (Bluespot Jawfish)
June 2011 - we've begun trying to breed & raise bluespot jawfish!!

A. ocellaris (Black & White)
Tank raised black/white Ocellaris clowns that have not begun to spawn yet.

A. mcCullochi
  I have one McCullochi that has grown to almost 3" now! He has lost his middle stripe stripe and is maturing well. Very aggressive fish but pretty!
Juvenile photo:

Here is a recent photo of "her":

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